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The complete view of the old doll´s kitchen (Main picture)

A beautiful general view of the doll´s kitchen "Millies Kitchen"

Millie, the collie with ist friens Anne

A delicate and old porcelain dolly and a beautiful and old doll´s crockery

Today we are going to bake some biscuits

Teresa is a beautiful and old doll´s house doll

Many beautiful and old kitchen utensils

Do you still remeber the good old curd soap?

The beautiful and old doll´s tin oven with its old accessoties

Delicate and old doll´s kitchen accessories

Again some of those many nice details

Mille says "Good bye" to you

Some information about this room:

Here you can see a beautiful old doll´s kitchen. This doll´s kitchen comes from Germany and is dated about the turn of century. She was additional furnished completly with authentic, old doll´s kitchen furniture and utensils. In particular beautiful are the foundertime kitchen furniture. The colour of the furniture is not original any more. This doll´s kitchen has got many beautiful old accessories. A soapbox, much crockery, old pots, saucepans and pans. In addition a lovely old oven made out of tin but it is dated a bit later, about 1930. Two beautiful, old Chinadolls - porcelain dolls live in this kitchen. The dresses are not original. The doll´s kitchen became her name from Millie, the Bordercollie in the front, an old porcelain dog. Thank you very much for your visit in "Millies Kitchen".