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The general view of the two-storeyed doll´s house

A look in the left room downstairs - the Parlure - the living room

The nice kitchen - the room on the right side downstairs

Many beautiful and old doll´d house details and accessories - wallpaper are the original ones

Claire - an very old porcelain doll from about 1890

The Christmas buffet, an old fir tree und accessories

Very delicate and old doll´s houses dolls made of porcelain from about 1870 to 1890

That´s Charlotte - she is beautiful! Original dresses from about 1870

Pamela - the tiniest doll about the time in 1890 - Original dresses

Lovely old doll´s house tin crockery - of German origin

Delicate tin crockery during the time of the turn of century

Some windows and again the little fir tree

An old doll´s house lamp about the time in 1920

A very old doll´s house picture

The kitchen with ist old oven and many details

Please have look at the wonderful original wallpaper

Martha - an old doll from the time about 1900! She is at the oven

An old coffee grinder and some stone things

A very old flower stand from the time about 1900

Bristol, the cat

Deatils about the wallpaper

The first floor - Belle Etage

On the first floor, the sleeping room - Furniture and inventory from the time about 1930 to 1950

Three happy dollys with their little dog

Another dolly

The old dressing table with a mirror

Please have a look at the original wallpaper

The wash mug on the bedside locker

Again those three little dollys from the 1940 and 1950s

A wonderful Christmas

A really old fir tree with ist original jewellery and many nice accessories

William is looking at his presents

William - a porcelain doll - has been made nicely for Christmas

Old clock and some angels

Marie Louise - a very old dolly, about 1900

Delicate and old tin crockery on the table

A french dolly, about 1900

Oh! A fir tree!

An old doll´s house clock and a picture with some shiny pictures

The presents! The teddies are from today. They are from the master of miniatures, Handmade by David George

The original old outside fasade from Charlotte´s Villa with William playing

Some information about this room:

This two-storeyed doll´s house is dated at the time about 1920. She still got her complete original wallpapers and floor covering. Charlotte´s Villa was additional furnished with nearly all the old accessories. The inhabitants, the dolls, are essential older than the house. The nearly all are dated about the time in 1870-1890. On the first floor are little dolls who are not so old. Many beautiful old furniture and much accessories from the time during the turn of the century decorate this delicate old doll´s house. Please look at the pictures in peace. You will see some beautiful things and will discover some very kind ones. Enjoy yourself and thank you for visiting Charlotte´s Villa.