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General view of the old doll´s kitchen

Immense equipment and many nice details

The old tin oven with much kitchen doll´s kitchen accessories

Martha - the doll´s kitchen mother in front of the buffet cupboard

A wonderful old sink with taps

The sink in detail with an old noodle sieve

Spice rack with some old doll´s crockery

An old wodden spoon board made of wood

Please have a look at the original walpaper

The kitchen buffet wit ist inventory

Some nice accessories

The oven with many details - please look at the old Pril packet in the old stand

Some more old accessories

Here they all cook and sizzle diligent

Lisa is helping in the kitchen - dollys from the time about 1940 and 1950

Martha in her beautiful dress

Again the old doll´s kitchen oven in ist whole splendour

Some information about this room:

This old doll´s kitchen is dated about the time between 1920-1930. She still got her original floor covering and wallpaper. She was additional furnished again with old utensils of a doll´s kitchen and accessories. Please look in peace at all those tiny things and details which belong to an old doll´s kitchen. In particular the old sink with its old taps are beatiful. There are many pots, crockery, cleaning agents, household cleaner etc.. Thank you very much that you have visited this tiny, old doll´s kitchen and enjoy yourself with the pictures.