You have chosen the room "Old doll´s kitchen from about 1900".

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General view of the doll´s kitchen - please look the beautiful casing and the original wallpaper

The old doll´s kitchen has got extraordinary much of the old doll´s kitchen accessories

Martha - the cook is taking a rest

The beautiful and old oven with all the pots and utensils

Please look at the nice shelves with all their porcelain dishes for flour and sugar etc..

Betsy is eating a sausage

Her milk cup is on the table - many nice and old doll´s kitchen accessories

The spice rack - old but still complete

The vinegar bottle in a tank! Old

The old spoon rack made of wood

The kitchen table with many old accessories

The soup for lunch is boiling on the oven

Martha, the kind and old doll and the cook in the doll´s kitchen

Old shaving things and a salt jar

The flour pot and an old metal rasp for doll´s kitchen

Betsy - a very kind and old doll

Old doll´s house food

The beautiful casing of the house with ornaments made of wood on the sides

Some information about this room:

This old doll´s kitchen is dated about the time in 1900. She contains still the complete original floor covering and wallpaper. The original state outside is kept as well! That makes this doll´s kitchen particularly valuable and beautiful. She is overabundant exclusively furnished with old doll´s kitchen accessories. Many, many details restore the cosiness of a kitchen around the turn of century. Please look at those pictures in peace. You will find so many detalis and utensils for the kitchen from times past. I hope that you will enjoy yourself.