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General view of this nice old doll´s house

The walls of this doll´s house have been decorated additional with a wallpaper with roses, that´s the reason for its name

A look in to see the cosy kitchen

Another look to see the living- and sleeping room

The wonderful curtains and the flowers beneath the window

A little one is ill

Beautiful old washing table made of metal

The old washing table made of metal from rhe front view

The three little inhabitants and Murkel, the dog

Nice and old picture of a doll´s house and the wallpaper with roses

Old wafer picture

The kitchen with their inhabitants

The oven with some kitchen utensils

Many especially nice kitchen utensils

The old wash board

Four old doll´s house jugs of beer

The window and much kitchen accessories

Another little porcelain dog

Nice kitchen details - please look at the meat mallet

Susan takes a rest

The indispensable soda - It belongs to all old doll´s kitchen

The crockery in the kitchen

Some information about this room:

This doll´s house is dated about the time in 1930. She was additional done up with partly much older doll´s furniture and utensils. Please look in peace at those photographs. You will be amazed how many beautiful things you will discover. The little inhabitants say thank you for your visit.