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A beautiful general view of this wonderful old doll´s house

A great furnished doll´s house in art nouveau - Delicate old doll´s furniture

Please look at all those wonderful wall paintings and details!

Sisserl, the inhabitant of this house works on her desk.

Please look at this beautiful old doll´s house lamp

Old art nouveau vase for the doll´s house made of porcelain

Beautiful old portrait with a silver frame

The great art nouveau buffet with lights and details

The elegant table with a silver bowl and art nouveau vase and silver

The little Max - A beautiful old porcelain doll´s house doll

Delicate chairs - a superb feat of craft skills

A soda bottle, a vase made of tin and an old doll´s house book

Beautiful old doll´s house picture

Detailed view of the delicate doll´s house furniture

Some information about this room:

Here you can see a kitchen which is in a very good condition around the turn of the century. She is complete done up with old doll´s house furniture in atr nouveau. The whole furniture are dated from exact this time. This is how a fantastic doll´s house in art nouveau is created. Very nice are those old porcelain dolls. They used very delicate pictures of a doll´s house. Please enjoy all the details of this beautiful old doll´s house. Enjoy yourself.