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General view of the old doll´s house

Abmire the old and beautiful founder time´s living room

The cosy and old kitchen in a farmer style

Details about the fir tree with real candles

An old doll´s house clock in a god condition

The old doll´s house window with some laced curtains

The buffet with crockery and some decorations

The old Christmas tree, nicely decorated

A very delicate and old doll´s house picture

Agathe, the inhabitant of this delicate doll´s house

Beautiful sun clock and Father Christmas made of porcelain

Again the showpiece - the old wall clock

The really cosy kitchen

My favourite one! An old child from Munich!!

The pets

Many beautiful and old doll´s kitchen utensils

My child from Munich is making some veal sausages - til 12´o clock you have got to eat them

The old door bell

Some information about this room:

Here you can see just another old doll´s kitchen house out of the founder time with ist original floor covering and wallpapers. The painting outside is not the original one. The doll´s house is costly furnished, especially the delicate living room. Please have look at those nice furniture and details! As well in this doll´s house they celebrate christmas. This is what it makes it especially attractive and cosy. The kitchen is furnished with old farmers doll´s house furniture but they are dated a bit later, about 1930-1940. Very kind is the old little doll "Münchner Kindl". This it were its name came from: "The Bavarian Household". Enjoy yourself when you look at all those pictures and thank you very much for visiting this delicate doll´s house.