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General view of th e old doll´s house "The Christmas Treasure"

A detailed view of the elegant living room with its original wallpaper

The little dining room

Christmas time is the most wonderful time of the year!

The old Christmas tree decorations are shining in the light

Pam is lookin forward to the Christmas joint - a beautiful old doll´s house dolly

Mam is taken a rest

The nurse Bridget comes around for a glass of punch

Nice details of the doll´s house

A really old photography in a frame

Please look at this wonderful, old doll´s house wallpaper - still in its original state

The top of the Christmas tree of the old doll´s house Christmas tree

Beautiful atmospheric painting

For Kalli there were some wonderful presents - please look at the old tin drum

A look to see the tiny dining room

Beautiful and old tin crockey and two old and beautiful dollys

Charlotte in a splendid dress

The old doll´s house windows and curtains

Doll´s house pictures and beautiful knick-knacks figures

Kathy, the dog´s lady

Old doll´s house clock

Details about the beautiful tin crockery

Old flower´s console - art nouveau

Some information about this room:

Here you can see a very old and very precious doll´s house from the founder time. The reason why it is so beautiful is that she still got the complete original floor covering and wallpaper. Nothing is restored supplementary, everything is in his original state! The doll´s house is really extensive and precious furnished. As well the old founder time furniture as the many separate accessories are really valuable. A very good and authentic example of an old doll´s kitchen during the time of the turn of century. The atmosphere during the celebration of christmas is especially beautiful in "Christmas Treasure". Please look at all those beatiful old toys, those delicate old dolls and the old accessories. Thank you very much for your visit in this old founder time doll´s house.