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The general view of this little old doll´s kitchen

The walls are still the original ones - Some detailed pictures with the little inhabitants

Little doll

The stoneware and a pewter plate on the farmer´s chest

Tabby, the dog, an old animal figure made of wood

Beautiful brass jug

Old doll´s accessories

Some information about this room:

It is just an old, little doll´s kitchen, which is going to be completed as time goes on. She is done up with old farmer´s doll furniture. The walls and the kitchen floor are still in their original state. The doll´s house are dated from about 1930. Up to now can not see many details of the furniture. As time goes on other doll´s kitchen utensils will come. Three little old dolls live in this little kitchen, as well, the little dog Tabby. Thank you that you have visited this little doll´s kitchen.