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The Hunting Castle Star from outside - Its built after the real Hunting Castle Star near Postdam

The house entrance wih a former Vivian Greene doll

A look in the big room of state with its splendid furniture

Please note the wonderful room of state with its splendid furniture

The beautiful lady´s maid and the new arriver! The cradle was made of brass

The most delicate piece of furniture, a cupboard of state with fines handpainting and ivory figures on it

A detailed takin up of the canopy

The countess of the Hunting Castle dressed in delicate silk in front of the fireplace

Detailed taking up of the beautiful ountess - beautiful, as well, the little silver tea can

The bed of state in a little standard built for the cat

The marble fireplace with its many details

Elegant saloon chairs with a silky upholstery

A look at a footstool beside the bedwith a pair of silver shoes

The kitchen of the Hunting Castle Star

The cook at work - please note the handpainted wall plates

A beautiful fireplace picture in the kitchen

The window in the kitchen

The big desk with many tin things and an old copper kettkle

The big fireplace in the kitchen

Some really beautiful doll´s furniture with extendible drawers

Again the copper kettle on the side of the stairs to the first floor with another house cat

The cook in the typical dress of the 18th century

The windows witn a elegant blind and curtains

The coat of arms in the Hunting castle Star

The outside view of the Hunting castle Star in original! You can find it between Berlin and Potsdam

Another detailed view - compare the picture with the built doll´s house

The original entrance! You can´t see the difference between the doll´s house entrance an a real entrance

Some information about this house:

This doll´s house has been built exactly just like the Hunting Castle Star near Potsdam. This turned out well in fully extent. Please compare the details from the outside. It has been built for King Freidrich Wilhelm from Preußen I., as his health went down and after thr hunt he had to recover a bit over night. This doll´s house contains only two rooms, it was tried to decorate and furnish them in the style of its time. In my opinion it turned out well in fully extent. Do you think them same? Thank you for visiting this little Hunting Castle Star a very special doll´s house which came into being with much love to detail.