You have chosen the doll's house "The Woodland Villa".

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Outside view of the Woodland Villa - a big and old doll´s house

A look through the kitchen window - you can see the cook at work

The house entrance and the kitchen window

A look at the saloon

All of the three rooms with lighting

General view of the bedroom with many old doll´s and details

The dining room is on the first floor above the kitchen

A detailed taking up of the bedroom with a great example how a bed should be

A beautiful washing table and an old desk - a picure on the wall is from Vivian Greene

Doll´s pram and many toys for the littleones

The beautiful picture out of an Vivian Greene doll´s house

Beautiful detailed taking up of the desk

Two very kind and little inhabitants - some old doll´s house baby dolls

Please note in the right side the beautifupl console

Again the nice taking up of the bedroom

A doll in the dining room in a delicate sailor suit

An especially beautiful doll ewith glass eyes and its original dress

Another look in the dining room - beautiful and old doll´s house furniture

The fireplace with the clock and silver frames, in front of that an old birdcase

Detailed taking up with the old doll´s house doll with a straw hat

Look at the great kitchen with the accessories

The long shot of the saloon - as well with some wall pictures from the Vivian Greene Houses

Beautiful detailed taking up with a console and much accessories

The saloon fireplace with another fireplace clcok

The doll Nellie in her sunday dress with her little sister

A beautiful and old doll´s settee - founder time with a new cover and a baby dol

The little doll in her sunday dress

Am I especially beautiful?

The cook at work

The old kitchen fireplace - it was in its original state in the doll´s house

Please note the old and beautiful coffee mill

Wall shelve in the kitchen with many kitchen utensils

The roast is ready! The sunday cake are baked!

Beautiful detailed taking up - please note the ring cake

A detailed taking up of the cook at work

Something sizzles in the pan

A window of the Woodland Villa with some magnificent curtains

The little kitchen window - please note the porcelain kocker on the door

Some information about this house:

Woodland Villa is a very big and beautiful and old doll´s house, maybe built far away from before the war. It has got as a roof a folding mahagony table where children could play at that time play with the accessories of the doll´s house. When I got it it was empty beside two fireplaces. In addition it was sticked with dreadful wallpaper out of the seventies. After weeks of hard work, I think I it turned out well to me to restore the original beauty of the house. With curtains made of old material, suitable wallpaper and much effort for every detail. The female cook has been restored by me and dressed new with old material and laces. This house has been lighted up earlier so I have again equipped it supplementary doll´s house lamps. I hope that you have enjoyed yourself in the Woodland Villa. Perhaps we will see you the next time for a cup of coffee on sunday´s.