You have chosen the doll's house "The Great House".

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A very old doll´s house in it top form. Th ebricks are all painted by hand!

The entrance. Nowadays is beautiful! Great House was really in a rotten state as I got it

The bedroom of the Great House - Aloo of the furniture, utensils and dolls belong to the accessories.

Beautiful and old doll´s house pram

Detailed taking up - the doll had to get some new dresses - at the same time the little girl

Fireplace (new) with an old mirror

The bedding gets a new cover for this evening - please note the beautiful and old covers.

Beautiful and old doll´s house bed

A very special valuable and old bed made of brass with hand embroided and old bedspread

A view to see the beautiful kitchen during the turn of century - with old doll´s houses dolls

The cook during her work. Some old copper pots - the oven I had to work on

The kitchen table - a cake out of an old doll´s house -

Many nice details - old brass grandfather clock, beautiful and old dol´s house dog, chandelier etc.

Old kitche chair and a little boy (old doll) in a sailor suit - original dresses

The sunday bath with some fresh linen for the beds

Old kitchen board with utensils

The wall cupboard is a new furniture piece but filled up with old crockery

A look at the elegant living room with some beautiful dolls and details

The set up sunday table with a white laced cloth

The little favourite one of the house

The children of the sunday visit

A Vivian Greene doll - today she visits th Great House

Another special and beautiful doll´s house doll in its original dress with an umbrella

Thsi doll I got without dresses from America and I gave her some new dresses

The fireplace was in its original state in the doll´s house but without any accessories

A look to the left window seat and the lovely curtains made of res silk

A side table with a glass bottle and dessert

A little and old birdscase

Beautiful and old doll´s house crockery

The window seat on the right side with many knick-knacks and a flower stand

Delicate and old porcelain bowl with a nice motive

A look outside into the saloon window

Some information about this house:

The Richond House is an old doll´s house maybe built from about 1900. It has glass windows on every side and it might has been built from a kind father or grandfather. I have found it by pure chance, completly soaked and most of it destoyed in a leaking garage. I could buy from the owner for 50 DM. In lasting several weeks and laborious work I restored the house and I have painted the facade new by hand. After that I have furnished it little by little in style of the turn of century with old furniture and dolls out of this time. The floor made of wood in the kitchen have been put down by hand floorboard by floorboard and after that it was treated with old corrosive. Sometimes I worked during the night. Bit I think it was the effort was worth it. The Richmond House today is a both very valuable and as well as a very kind and old doll´s house in its new glamour. It couls be saved for the following generations. Thank you very much for visiting this beautiful and old doll´s house.