You have chosen the doll's house "The Village School 1902".

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The outside view of the school buliding - the school clock with the school tower with a bell and clock

The detailed view of the school building - the schol clock has been made of an After Eight tin

A little cheeky monkey on the school tower - a doll from Sue Aktinson

Again the self bulit and impressive school tower

Two school childs in the school uniform - as well two wonderful Dollshouse dolls from Sue Aktinson

Of course the school is in the School Lane

The big class room on the first floor -many older baby dolls and some newer baby dolls mixed up

The teacher (Sue Aktinson doll) explains something on the black board - the globe is self made

The old map and the cylindrical stove

The kids have got a german lesson - a boy is the donkey of the class with the donkey´s cap

The whole noisy lot

Again the photograph of the class - because it was so nice!

The utensils of natural history - exotix animals in a showcase and a stuffed bird

Music lessons on the ground floor

The scale up and down

Everyboda is listening! Soon the next one has to come!

The hard-working pupil playing on the piano - again a wonderful Sue Aktinson doll

The key rack and the rules of the school

Some information about this house:

The Schoolhouse 1902 is as well a doll´s house built in the present time and rebuilt from me into a school and decorated with a scholl tower. It is a really lovely and little doll´s house. In this doll´s house little baby dolls often arrive in my place, who did not get anywhere else a place where they could live or nobody wants them. They get new crochet dresses and they again go to school. It was a pleausure to me to accommodate here so many dolls from Sue Aktinson who´s dolls are especially successful. The desks and the lectern are selfmade. The class rooms have been painted in lime green. The victorian ceiling lamp on the first floor is very beautiful. You can see as well some old school phtographs on the wall and many details. Some teytbooks, pens, books, showcases, pointer, chalk, sponge, globes, music instruments, music book and much more.