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Outside view during the day

A noble gentleman courted the noble lady

Another noble gentleman on a likewise noble horse. Please note the saddle-cloth

Nice detailed look of this beautiful and elegant lady

Both get into coversation with

The dresses are beautil worked on. Also, the sword does not miss

The dresses is sewed of old brocade and velvet - even the hat I lined inside

Scarlet House at night - please come in for a visit

The house is furnished in the typical style of tudor of this time - here you can see the dinig room

Another noble inhabitant of the house

A look in the crockery cupboard with the fine Delfter porcelain and the table set up with the meals of our time

The atmosphere of the dining room with the fireplace

Beautiful and old tudor chair

A raven at the window - please note the real lead glazing of the windows

A look into the scientific library of the Scarlet House - with many readable books

The working table with many maps - sealed documents and a sleeping cat

A afternoon nap in the library is just wonderful

The fireplace in the library with its many details

The coat of arms of the head of the household and his weapons

Scietific books and an old gothic chair

The room of the ladies with a lacemaking lady´s maid at work

The Lady of the house with her daughter - please note the silk dresswith laces and pearls

Nice detailed taking up

The lady´s maid during her lace work and the little new-born son

Nice detailed takink up of the lady´s maid

The visitor from France

His luggage in the chest

He already seduced the maid

Nice takink up of the visitor´s room

The desk with a hand writed letter written with a pen

Does he already write to his next Beloved?

A look in the big room

The head of the household from the elegant english aristocracy

The curate with his favourite activity, to drink and to have a "clever" conversation

The family coat of arms

Three cheers for the english seafaring

Close-up of the kitchen in the style of the 18th century

The cook at work - a real grind with the poultry

The oven as an open fireplace

Fresh herbals and lavender, beer mugs and many kitchen appliances

The supplies on wine and beer

The second open hearth - please note the apple, 1/2 big is the whole little board

The goose is a present for th curate - a little drain

The very kind cook in detail

The poultry in the kitchen

A drunkard in front of the door

Some information about this house:

This house is also a carpenter work hand made of an english doll´s maker from the present time. It is an exellent work with real lead glass windows. It is a typically Tudor House. With this house, as well, it took the whole autumn to finish the furnishment. Nearla of the dolls you can see have been made by myself and have been dressed by myself. The Scarlet House shows the world during the French Revolution as french noblemen during their flight from the guillotine found shelter in England. As a child I loved the figure of the "Scarlet red Flower", that is the reason for the name of the doll´s house. This house is exclusively furnished with doll´s house utensils. Many of them are made by myself. I hope that you enjoyed your visit in this house.