You have chosen the doll's house "The Old Chapel".

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Outside view of the house made of wood without any doors to open

The elegant entrance saloon with all of the details

The grandfather clock! The room is kept in red with many chinese things

Some delicate curtains and an elegant coffeeset on the chinese side table makes the room look more beautiful

The cat lady of the house suitable to the ambience of the room

Some fresh flowers arranged to the taste of the time

A first look in the kitchen - some delicious cakes and some biscuits are prepared

A look to see the oven - made of an old silver tin

The sink unit and many other details of the kitchen

The window seat in the kitchen with kitsch art

Crockery cupboard

Please note the little copper forms

The kitchen of the Old Chapel in detail

Perhaps something drops down from the cake?

The heasd of the house is painting - here you can see his palette - just 1 cm! Diameter

The red saloon as a dining room - the wall have been covered with some old material

The Samowar! Made of an old tea-egg

Another look in the noble dining room

The set up dinner table with real Limoge crockery á miniature

The best silver cutlery - the whole cutlery case is no bigger than 2 cm!!

The hostess in a wonderful dress with hand-embroidered pearls

The music room - the walls have been made up with some white and old silk just suitable to the curtains

Detailed look out of the music room

The piano with the decoations

Window of the music room

The Highlight of the Old Chapel House - the cathedral - lighten uo with real candles

The altar with an old doll´s house monstrance out of a Vivian Greene doll´s house

The house chaplain takes a little rest

A look on the side altar with all the details

The cathedral is over and over decorated with golden stars

The side entrance to "The Old Chapel" House

Some information about this house:

The Old Chapel is an new built doll´s house made of wood! I could purchase in ist natural state for little money. It took me a long winter to do it up just like you are able to see it now. It contains on five rooms. The reception saloon is decorated with some wallpaper which we copied out of a book with examples for wallpapers. You can see some little chinoiserie. A music room covered with some old silk and suitable wallpaper. A kitchen with a wealthy equipment and as well a splendid dining room and also with old and red silky material covered and equipped.To them as the fifth and as highly significant room a big chapel. This chapel has been wallpapered from me with hundreds of little golden stars. Most of it, for exaple the main- and side altar has been made and decorated by myself. You can find everything in this chapel, the baptismal font up to the the holy water - pictures of the altar - the holy bible - priest bell - priest bell - church bell etc. The Old Chapel came into being a long time ago. Today I predominantly only work on the old doll´s houses. I hope that you have enjoyed yourself with visiting this house.