You have chosen the doll's house "La Maison Marie Noel".

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A look to see the big saloon of the house - it´s Christmas time in the house of Marie Noul

Hercule Porot is passing by for a glass of punch! He comes from Belgium just like Marie Noel

Miss Marple is looking at the proceedings with curiosity! Agatha Christies figures a miniatures

The dsign of the names of this house!

Please note the beautiful details of the side table: Pipe, fob watch, pictures frames, etc..

A view in the Christmas decorated saloon

Beautiful wall plate and an old painting

The fireplace with a mirror and an old sailing ship

The wonderful decorated Christmas tree in its full splendour

Under the Christmas tree the presents are waitinf´g for the children

The delicate Christmas backery with the master cook during his work

A detailed look of the kitchen with the Christmas backery

Another look ti see the cosy kitchen

The beautiful crockery cupboard with old and new porcelain

The beautiful oven with many details

The Christams plate painted from me to remember and some copper products

The roof garden out of a bisciut tin built from Hercule Poirot

The relatives come to a big Christmas party. We gonna start waving now.

Some information about this house:

Actually on this occasion it does not deal with a real doll´s house, it deals with a glass-fronted cabinet which has been redesigned into a doll´s house with a saloon and a first floor. Igot this glass-fronted cabinet from my daughter for Christmas and I have made a doll´s house out of it. So it is a new doll´s house and beside of some crockery parts and decoration parts mostly all of the fixtures and utensils are new either self made oder built. I dedicated this house to my friend Marie Noel from Belgium and Francouis as well as her children Alex, Charlotte, Benjamin and Thomas. It is out of this time where it was my priority to keep busy in new doll´s houses. It was very important to me. There are more possibilties to be creative in restoring new doll´s house as inj ols ones. That´s at Christmas time where I haved tried to reproduce the atmosphere in the house of Marie Noel. I wish you much pleasure looking at the details.