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The general view of the doll´s house from abut 1920-1930

The beautiful entrance

A tiny and old St. Nicholas is waiting go for the opening Christmas presents for the children

A beautiful sweet chestnut stand - a piece of miniature work from today

Again the beautiful entrance with the verande - it´s Christtmas time

As well , in the winter time the dog has to go for a walk

A beautiful view on the snow-covered window

The roof window and the smoking chimney

The opened doll´s house with its 2 rooms

Cosy Christmas atmosphere - the inhabitant is a dressmaker

The table has been set up festively - old doll´s house crockery

The festive and old Christmas tree for the doll´s house

The delicate and old sewing machine with accessories from today

Baby doll from the time about 1910-1930

The big buffet in the living room

An old doll´s house piano made of tortoiseshell

Coco is lookin at the fine crockery in the glass-fronted cabinet

Please note the especially rare and old doll´s house telephnefrom 1930-1940

A look at the first floor - bed and child room

Old and tiny doll´s house bed from about 1920

I had to sew some new covers made from old laces and "White stuff"

Doris has nibbled to many biscuits - now the good and old is the only thing what may help

A delicate and old rocking horse made of wood

A abacus in miniature - The "Pocket calculator" from the past

The inside door with the nice curtains

Some information about this house:

A very kind house from about 1920-1930. It remembers me of the Frankfurter Town Houses of my childhood. Outside the late art nouveau villa is still in a good condition. Especially kind is the front entrance with a typical veranda for its time. I have tried to stay when I did the set up and developing in the time of origin but some of the furniture are from today. The Christmas tree is much older - from about 1900. Very nice is the installed little "Tailoring" and the wonderful old telephone, as well, all the inhabitants of my Frankfurter Town House say thank you for your visit. Just pop in for a try on or a cup of coffee! By the way! The wallpaper are the original ones.