You have chosen the doll's house "The stork´s nest".

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The view from the outside of the doll´s house

Detailed of the entrance with an old metal car and an old letterbox

The open doll´s house with its three rooms

The kitchen of the house from the fourties

Deatils in the kitchen with three old baby dolls

Some other details from the kitchen. Please note the carpet cleaner and the dog in his magic bath

The study with the father at his desk, all the details are out of the fourties

The fatherm at his desk in a conversation with his little daughter. You have to pay attention to the old desk´s lamp.

The book cupboard out of the fourties

Just a look in the living room. A baby doll playing the piano.

A crowd of kids are listening to the music.

The tea does not turn out so well. Bread and margarine, sometimes you put some sugar on it.

The doll´s mother with the other children sitting beside the still original fireplace of the doll´s house.

Details of the dining room buffet

Again th e old fireplace with the collected wood in a wicker

The collection of the records

The stork´s nest on the roof. Hand made from a scotish miniature artist.

A window of the house

A neigbour passing by

Some information about this house:

This house probably came into being during the time of the war in England. It was built and some complete metal windows just like they have been used in the Triang Houses have been used. The house is very simple but it has got very much persoanlity. I decorated it with furniture and baby dolls out of the fourties and fifties. It was my aim to catch the atmosphere of the years of war in a household. It could be that this house has been decorated like that. In front of the doll´s house there is beautiful and old car made of metal. Some parts of the house are from the present time just for example the gramophone and the records. The house became its name after the stork´s nest contained on the chimney. This nest has been made from a very famous english miniaturist. It shows even a little stork hatching out of an egg! In the doll´s house are more than ten old baby dolls. All of them are still beautiful to loook at. The wallpaper are still in their original state. Merely the floors you have to do up, apart from that everything is in its original state. Despite the simple style of living of the time it gives you a sense of warmth and cosiness. The kitchen furniture are old german dolls´ house furniture. A really delicate piece of furniture is the book shelve in the study room.