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General view of the doll´s house, probably german from about 1890-1900

A view in the window with its little inhabitants

The elegant balcony with its details

There are some visitors - the entrance of this glittering doll´s house

View to see the ground floor of the house

The roof windows made of window

Image of the nearly identical doll´s house (The balcony has no pillar but an oriel window) in the Ultimate Dolls House Book

On the doll´s house inside teh wonderful carpets are still in their original states

The opended doll´s house with its two rooms

The ground floor with its inhabitants - everything had to be restored completly, everthing was destroyed

All of the fixtures and dolls - beside Cookie the Labrador are from about 1900

We were happy to discover Cookie in miniature - he exactly correspond to the original

Beautiful grandfather clock - belongs to the furniture esemble - german from about 1900

Little doll´s house piano - old

Wonderful and old doll´s house picture

Mdme. Ballarin - the inhabitant of this glittering house

A look in the delicate first floor from Min Peitit chou

What can better in the world as to drink a cup of coffee and to chat a bit

The ordering in the wardrobe is not that important to the little ladies

Please note the beautiful and treated copper can, she is a piece of miniature of these days

In this house there live some especial beautiful and old doll´s houses baby dolls

I had to get some new dresses for all of the doll´s because I got the without dresses.I have embroidered some dresses.

The overflowing wardrobe

Old doll´s house plate with some cake and fruits

Beautiful sideboard - art nouveau old piece of furniture

Tiny porcelain doll - old

One of my favoutrite miniatures of the present time - Flöcken, the cat´s mother with her babys

Some information about this house:

To aquire this was a great stroke of luke for me. It counts to the really especial beautiful specimens. In the appeared german illustrated book "The Ultimate Döööd house Book" this house has been described and portrayed in detail in a nearly identic form. You can conclude from that it comes from Germany from about 1890-1900. This book has been published by Faith Eaton with a preface from Flor Gill Jacobs who is in my opinion a great expert on doll´s houses. Unfortunately, on my specimen the original wallpapers on the outsidedoor wre not there, that is the reason why I have tried again to restore the inside room as soft and suitable as possible. I hope that I could reproduce the harmony and the doll´s house again gives you its old charme and its brilliance. The outside was complete and there wa no need to restore it. I gave it in this book shown specimen a title "Mon Repos" logical as well in french but in a humorous way: "Mon Petit chou". A french term of affection, you could translate it with "My little Cabbage Head". The star is obvious the house itself but I have decorated with my love to detail in a way of loosly french style of living. The furniture and the baby dolls are mainly all of German origins. I hope that you have enjoyed yourself very much visiting this old and beautiful doll´s house: Au revoir!