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General view of the little Jubilee House

All of the inhabitants and party guests came together in front of the house

The open doll´s house with its origianal wallpaper and curtains

In honor of the throne anniversary everyone has made themselves to the queen Victoria fine and a big garden sideboard is built up.

Mrs. Mitchell put even a mink stole around her and of course she bought the biggest Union Jack

The big buffet - a master work of miniature art - made from the artist of miniature, Beverly Chamberlain

Today Mr. Mitchell is especially elegant

Everybody is delighted, also the little Grace!

The ground floor with a kitchen and dinig room

Maud at work - Today there are many titbits and their is much work to do!

Please note the beautiful and old wallpaper

Everything sizzles in the pans and it smells delicious!

The really very elegant dinig room - The Dining

Old and new doll´s house furniture and accessories we have tryed to go on well together

The silver coffee service is from today - as well some furniture and the selfmade cake

Please note the wonderful and old original wallpaper and the beautiful fireplace clock

The delicate furniture are from our time

The first floor with a bedroom and a Parlour - as well the original wallpaper

The young Deborah Mitchell takes at last look in the mirror!

To Grandma Mitchell the exitements are to big! She even forgotten to close zhe parrot´s case!

Please note the grandfather clock! She has been made from an old dial and painted from my friend Jil Shapiro

An old portrait of Queen Victoria original from our time

Only a cup of tea will save grandma!!

Would you please come down! You naughty boy!!

Will everybody realise my new hat?

Perhaps a whiff of lavendar? To marke the occasion!

Dusty the cat creeped himself in the bed! Today it´s unquestionable to loud in the house!

At last! The parrot is sitting in his birdcase!

Lovely and old velvet curtains

On the 22nd 1897 the great party of the Diamond Jubilees of Queen Victoria took place, this day is catched in the doll´s house

The Royal Familiy of Queen Victoria - On the right side you can see Princess Christina of Schleswig-Holstein

The old portrait of the great Queen and as well a miniature brush of today

Mrs. Mitchell!! A completly royalist! A Chinadollshouse doll before 1900

I can´t get enough of this wonderful sight - how about you?

Please note the beautiful collar with the tiny brooch

A wonderful and little doll´s house doll before 1900 in her original dress with a

Nice detailed study for you

She has got a really delicate and tiny face

Mr.Mitchell - as a precaution he always takes an umbrella!

Here again the big Jubille buffet from the great and talented Beverly Chamberlain

Please note the details of those wonderful miniature work!

What titbits! Just make a grab!

A working table in the garden - with flower bulbs and lavender in a basket

The flower bulbs have got a size of 6mm!!

Here you can see the climbingsm beans out of the garden from "The little Jubilee House"

The leafes have been cut out of some paper! Quick they reap some beans for dinner

A nice notepaper set with some letters and an inkpot.

A nice detailed study for you - the cupboard is in the Parlour

Would you like a cup of tea?

Again the grandfather clock and the young Deborah Mitchell

This photograph is shown because of my dear Jil Shapiro

The little and old doll´s house doll from about 1890

The Kitchendresser with the houasehold products and Maud the cook

Detailed study - the back wall is wallpapered

Wonderful and old doll´s house picture

The two following generations of the Queen - Georg V - 1910 - 1936 and his son Prince John. He died at the age of 13 because of epilepsy.

Some information about this house:

Here you can see a doll´s house which came into being in about 1890. The reflected action, however, shows the 22nd of June 1897. The diamant throne anniversary of Queen Victoria. The founder of the british Empire and famous, as well, for her great love to Scotland. She had let built up the scotish Balmoral where Queen Elisabeth still spends her holidays. Her 50 throne anniversary is taking place this year and for this occasion you will see my Jubilee House in the city hall of Epping. The house is really simple but illuminates a great charm because there are still the original wallpaper. As the rooms are a bit smal - I had to decorate it with much deliberation and restraint so they didn´t seem to be overloaded. I hope that I could catch the mood of this great holiday from 1897. It was one of the great days for England and some historian believe:"There have been more changes in The Victorian reign than in any history". In any case I hope that you will enjoy yourself looking at the pictures and my doll´s house inhabitants. The Mitchell say thank you for your kind visit but now they haven´t got any time left, the great party starts!