You have chosen the doll's house "The Jefferson House".

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General view of the Jefferon House - a grandfather clock with six floors

The three middle floors of the old clock

Here you can see the three open rooms and the bridge saloon - malachite room and the music room

Both of the floors downstairs: Big dining hall and kitchen, before that some beautiful and old chinese dolls

Both of the roms downstairs open with some Chinese dolls

Both of the upstairs rooms of the Jefferson House

Both of the room upstairs open: The chinese room and the sleeping saloon

The beautiful sleeping saloon in torquoise with a bed of state

The fireplace and the inhabitants of the doll´s house - please note the hand painted walls!

The bed in its full splendour

The birdcase with a parrot and elegant dressing table

The chinese room in the library

Everything is in chinese red and black laquer, as well planty of golden ornamentation

Again, the walls are hand painted, as well the laquer furniture

Chinoiserie and a plentiful decorated clock, as well an ivory elephant

Nice detailed taking up

Chinese figures decorate the room

The ladies in the bridge saloon

The inhabitant in her elegant surrounding

Overabundant painted walls, as well the the card table with some bridge cards

The elegant fireplace

Beautiful and old doll´s house picture on the wall

Nice detailed taking up - please note the painted walls

Delicate interior on the fireplace

The mirrored console on the left hand painted with a clock and in the wall made in mirror

Old baby doll in an elegant surrounding

The malachite room

The walls in a delicate malachite green an the malachite fireplace

An delicate detailed study of the room

The magnificent malachit fireplace

Noble ambience on the fireplace

Tiny mussels (self collected) as an exotic wall picture

The magnificent music room

Nice detailed study - the room is in gold and ochre

Delicate harpsichord - prfect miniature work of an english miniaturist

The harpist - an old doll´s house baby doll in her new robe

Exotic birds decorate the walls

Another exotic bird and some delicate porcelain

Another detail about the wall

Little vases made of colourful pearls

Details about the beautiful harpsichord

The splendid mirror saloon which serves as a dining hall

Wonderful crystal and mirror of state decorate the hand painted walls

Detail about the mirror hall

The tiny, elegantly dressed page watches over the splendid decorated dining table

The splendid decorated peacock decorates the dining table ( Miniature work of a scotish master)

Nice detailed study

The ceiling of the mirror hall, as well lined with mirrors

The kitchen of the Jefferson House - the Southern States atmosphere in Paris

The really filled in kitchen cupboards

The big fireplace in the kitchen

Maureen prepares the layer cakes and desserts.

The walls have been painted by hand, in gold and yellow

The silver clutery

The little copper measuring cup

Old doll´s crockery with some palm motives

The big mastiff gets a big bone

Prawns and lobster are cooking in the opper kettle

The choice on layer cakes and desserts

Maureen is looking for a suitable crockery

Manufacture cooked crabs for the starter.

Beautifula nd old miniature frames with a picture of the scenery

Some information about this house:

The Jefferson House is a big Grandfatherclock. His name he got from the American President to honour his memory who stayed many years in Paris. There he lead an elegant household. It says that he had an exellent taste with a partiality for exotic and special things. That´s the reason why I have decorated this room and just let me take my course. Everything you see is fantasy. The developing and furniture of the single rooms took over a year. All of the wall are painted by hand and decorated. Many fixtures, furniture and fire places as well. Especially beautiful is the big hall of mirrors. It´s an unusual and interesting doll´s house. I hope that you have enjoyed your visit and you will pop in to see Thomas Jefferson in Paris. In this exotic doll´s house.