You have chosen the doll's house "The Parkland Villa".

Please click for great views and the short descriptions on the respective pictures. Following the gallery you find in addition even further information.

Outside view of the beautiful "Parkland Villa"

Look throuh the kitchen window

The "Vine Yard" a greenhouse belonging to the house with our own climbing wine

The "Vine Yard" Has been built for more than 100 working hours from myself and furnished. All the details are self made

There grow green and as well blue grapes

A inside view with the growing and thrived vines

The reaped grapes - they have been made of hundreds of little pearls, painted and sticked on

A pigeon in the vine

The "Vinevard" from the outside view. The basic form is big lid made of plexi glass with painted wood borders

The other street view of my museum

The noble lady comes around for a cup of tea

Please note the beautiful dress and the elegant hat

Another nice look to see the kitchen

A look to see the "Belle Etage"

The gable of the house

The inside door of the doll´shouse

A look at the front part of the open doll´s house

The upper part of the stairs

The beautiful worked on stairs and still in their original state

Again the stairs in detail

The Weapon collection of the "Parkland Villa!

The big art gallery at the begimming of the stairs. All of the paintings my husband has made for this house

The ancestral hall in detail

A look into the cosy kitchen

There is some going to be backed

The reserves on a kitchen shelve

Please note the details about cake backing! A masterpiece of miniature work

The nice and a bit older cook

The fireplace of the kitchen

The big cast iron oven with Heather the cook

A really old doll´s house doll

A look into the bedroom - later, the furniture should be replaced through old furniture

The fireplace in the bedroom

Detailed view

Here a breakfast in bed is served

Another masterpiece in miniature! The breakfast tray

It depends who you wanna reach so many times you have to ring . The instruction for the guests.

A look into thr ladies saloon at the back of the house

A beautiful detailed look at the room

A beauiful peg wooden doll

The dog of the house

Decoration of the saloon

The decorated Chrsitmas tree

The elegant bathroom with many details

Of coure, there is always a piece of soap at hand

The trademan´s entrance is at the back of the house - here are, as well, the sleeping places of the dogs

The housekeeper makes sure everything´s all right

Time to devour! The bowl has been filled

The storeroom behind the kitchen of the "Parkland Villa"

During Christmas time the shelves have been filled up with reserves

Wine and champagne does not miss

A little book cupboard of the house

The dining room

Detailed view

The fireplace in the dining room was still in its original state

The good porcelain

Preparation to set the table

Beautiful and old doll´s clutery case

Some information about this house:

"Parkland Villa" is an old doll´s house maybe built in 1930. Actually it was totally destroyed and you could not restore it anymore.It did not have any front door. It had to be renewed totally according to the style of the house. Inside it was devastated, destroyed and dirty. The expensive restoration of this doll´s house took hundreds of working hours. The only thing, fortunately, what still was preserved, were the beautiful inside stairs, who had to be treated new with some wood varnish. Just the glass windows with their bull´s eyes pane has been some hard work, as well the authentic half-timbering. The enorme effort, however, was worth it. Now it is an beautiful and restored doll´s house and many generations will take pleasure in it. Some of the furniture should be replaced by some expensive and old pieces. Especially nice is the ancestral hall - which my husband produced in many working hours. As well, the "Vineyard" is of course a showpiece - on which I am admittedly very proud of. It was really a neverending work for me to built this little world. Thank you very much for visiting the "Parkland Villa".