You have chosen the doll's house "The Hunting Lodge".

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The outside view of "The Hunting Lodge" from about 1835

Beautiful details about the door and the window - everything in its original state

On the roof an old doll´s house crockery in Delfter blue

A look into the kitchen

The open doll´s house with altogether 4 room all the same size - there aren´t any doors

The inside view at the doll´s house door

The sleeping and living area of the ladies - on the table a really old doll´s house sewing machine -german

The old doll´s house table with a wonderful sewing machine

Look at the sleeping area

Ceiling view

The fireplace is new - in this doll´s house you couldn´t find one

Delicate and old doll´s house piece of furniture - english

Hunting scenes on the wall

The riding accessories of a young lady

A nice look into the dinig room

A nice detail look at the dining room

The wallpaper in the dinig room shows english hunting scenes

In the backround an old french case for little perfum bottles

Really delicate and old Walterhausen doll´s furniture - German origin

Jennifer - the tiniest visitor of the "Hunting Lodge"

The right side of the dining room

The big and elegant hall on the ground floor

A beautiful and old Vivian Greene doll on an old doll´s house settee

Again a nice detailed look at this room

This Vivian Greene Doll lived ones in Vivians doll´s house "The Carperter´s Cottage"

Again the wonderful settee with its original cover

The fireplace with its many details

The labradors are called Lättis and Minga

Detailed look at the table silver

Beautiful paintings decorate the walls - they have been hand made for me from my husband

On the right side of the big hall

The very kind kitchen with three old peg wooden dolls

There are many things to do - big washing!

Here the breakfast is prepared

Many old kitchen crockery - the oven I have made from an old "After Eif´ght " tin

Many old kitchen crockery

Again the beautiful kitchen utensils - saucepans and pots

All the time you have to put some more coal on

Some other food for breakfast - please note the eggs in their egg cups

A beautiful and old doll´s house chair - of German origin

In the hall somebody was ringing the bell

Some information about this house:

This doll´s house is dated from about 1835 - it´s of english origin and has been made from a Carpenter by hand. Outside it´s in a really good condition and in it´s original state. Inside it has been totally destroyed and some dreadful decifix has been sticked on it. This plastic glew material could only be taken of with much effort. After that I took the liberty to decorate it new with my own fantasy. I have made a "Hunting Lodge" from it. There were some indication that this house in 1930 of our century had been lighten up - that´s the reason why I have lighten it up again. Now it has much flair and elegance.Perhaps at one time it looked different inside. Who knows? I hope that you have enjoyed your visit in this really old doll´s house with a new - old am ambience. Thank you very much!