You have chosen the doll's house "The Richmond House".

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Outside view of "The Richmond House" with the two builded winter gardens made of wood

The house entrance of this beautiful and old doll´s house with a inhabitant from "Reading House"

The Conservatory on the left - winter garden

A look inside - with lighting and plants

Other magnificent flowers! At the backround you can see some other doll´s houses

If I haven´t got any flowers I´m making the flowers and blossoms on my own

The open "Richmond House" with altogether four rooms - a bathroom and a hall with some stairs

Another beautiful general view

The inside of the doors had to be renewed - here I printed on some motives

On the first floor a wedding is taking place. The bride groom is a Vivian Greene doll

The bride and curate talk about the ceremony

Nice detailed look with the old doll´s house picture of Queen Victoria

The bride and bride groom

A part of the wedding table

The beautiful and old doll´s house fireplace

It is time to go to church

The dog of the house is getting exited as well!

A look into the bathroom - It is not possible to open it from the outside

The bedroom - teh walls have been decorated with some od material

A doll´s house for the doll´s house - out of the "erz" mountains with many nice details

The classic example for a bed!

Another beautiful look into the bedroom

The fireplace

Old and little wood´s doll cradle with baby dolls

The kitchen of the Richmond House

The little one is waiting for a little cup od chocolate

A nice kitchen board with many details

Old doll´s house fireplace with many nice accessories

Another tiny and old doll´s oven with utensils which are not as old

An old doll´s house doll - body and dresses have been restored

The dressing table is made of metal and a really old piece of furniture

The saloon on the ground floor with many details

There having hustle and bustle and a real life!

Am I cute?

The really nice hordes of children!

The worried mother - at the backround a beautiful and old settee, German origin

The glass menagerie - many tiny glass figures

Again a nice detailed taking up

Some information about this house:

A especially beautiful and old doll´s house from about 1905 to 1910. The most impressive things are the two winter garden made of wood who are fixed to the rigth and the left of the doll´s house. They still got there original glass windows and they have only been painted one time with some new chalky colour. The main part of the facade is kept up in its original state - windows and roof had to be restored. Inside it was wallpaper with some dreadful paper from 1970. Everything had to be taken of and some new suitable was fixed to it. Now the "Richmond House" is again a cosy, beautiful and old doll´s house with many interessting details and equipment from different epochs. Thank you very much for your visit in this house.