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Outside view of this delicate restored old doll´s house

The house entrance of the "Bellevedere House" with a beautiul old doll´s house doll

Beautiful detailed taking ups - please note the brass knocker - still in its original state

A look into the kitchen - the window has been made of metal

A look into the dining room

The open doll´s house with altogether 6 rooms

The kitchen with he cook - the original wallpaper could be saved

The kitchen furniture exists nearly complete on old doll´s house accessories

The fireplace had to be renewed afterwards - please note the beautiful kitchen utensils

Old doll´s house food just like some Roastbeef, bread and a asparagus dish

A really old doll´s house mangle

Some various copper products beside the fireplace und the cooking place

The days of the boiling fowl are numbered

Beautiful and old clutery case made of wood with some parts of the clutery

Mrs. Grant pops in for a cup of tea - she bought some flowers

The hall´s wall with an antlers - the original wallpaper is still in a good condition

The very elegant and stylish living room with many details

The house owner at his study with his many books

Mr. Barnes detailed view - many chinoiserie decorate the room

Lord Nelson as a bust on the table

Beautiful detailed view

The oriel window on the inside of the doll´s house door

The bedroom with the children of the house playing. Beautiful and old baby dolls

A really old doll´s crockery made of ivory from the 18th century

A tiny and old french porcelain baby doll

Daisy -the cheekyest of all! She is the spokesman!

A nice detailed taking up of the toys - tiny limoge piano

The bed and the washing jug

The wallpaper in the bedrrom had to be renewed with old wrapping paper and some self made picture frames

The complete inner part of he doll´s house door

The floor on the first floor

I would like to play, as well!

The big and elegant dinig saloon with some beautiful and old doll´s house furniture and some details

Mrs. Grant, an very old wax doll -dresses and body are new!

Miss Grant at her daily piano lesson - a delicate and old doll´s house piano - perhaps german

The walls have been covered with some old golden foil - because the origin wallpaper has been destroyed

Lunch is served! The littel doll from the collection of Vivian Greene - Before she lived in "The Balustraded House"

The beautiful and old fireplace

Some information about this house:

The thing is about the Dollshouse of the firm Lines Brothers from 1925/26. Look at: "Dollshouse Past and Present" from Donlad and Helen Mitchell. Before the the house was restored it was in a really bad condition, but, the original wallpaper colud be saved. It´s more or less have been decorated with some old doll´s accessories and old dolls and furniture. Today it shines in its old glow and it could been kept for many years. Enjoy yourself when you look at the pictures of "The Bellevedere House".