You have chosen the doll's house " The Corner Shop".

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Outside view of the doll´s house; The Corner Shop

Detailed view of the in the house corner shop - please note the beautiful sun blind

Both of the upstairs floors from the outside - please note the hand painted signs for advertisement

The open doll´s house with 7 single rooms inclusive the shop

The doll´s house door from inside - with all of the shining pictures decorated and some old laced curtains

The shop from inside with Mr. Pepper the owner and a customer

Some potatoes are supplied from a supplier

At Mr. Pepper you can get any article for the daily demand, including magazines and stamps

The customer is happy because of the fresh goods on display and she lets Mr.Pepper tell her all about the newest gossip

Mr. Pepper weighs a Bloomer - english bread - out

On the first floor lives the old Mrs. Beresford with her many cats

Mrs. Beresford is a rheumatic sufferer and she has to walk with a stick

Her knitting, her daily Times and a bottle of sherry - every day a tiny glass - sometimes even two

Detailed view with family portrait

The beautiful dresser; Crockery cupboard of Mrs. Beresford

The old oven still works, but sometimes it is smokey

The tiny kitchen of Mrs. Beresford with her cats


Some simple kitchen utensils

Some pairs from Mrs. Peppers shop and some milf for her favourite ones

Windsor, the delicate one out the cat crowd

A packet arrived

The little hall of Mrs. Beresford

House work always is hard! Today Mrs. Beresford has to iron

The tiny toilet with an old hip bath and a washing stand

Please note the toilet flush and the cistern

The beautiful and old hip bath!

The bedroom of Mrs. Beresford. The little great-granddaughter Sarah visits her during her holidays

Sarah is getting out of her bed

The sewing machine withmany details

The fireplace of the bedroom

Sarah is welcomed during she puts her slippers on

The glossy pictures on the inside door of the doll´s house

A beautiful and detailed look

A customer comes in the shop

The hand painted shop sign called "Corner Shops"

Some information about this house:

The "Corner Shop" is a wonderful worked on and new built doll´s house from a extraordinary good handicraft quality. Please note the many and delicate handmade details, for example the shop sign. Wonderful worked on are as well both of the shop sun blinds which original can drive in or drive out with the help of a winder. The inside rooms are very little. That is the reason why I gave them only one inhabitant. The main attraction of course is the beautiful "Corner Shop with all its article for sale. Even an old shop coffee mill is in the shop. A lovingly and cosy doll´s house in a nostalgic style which I have decorated a long time ago. I hope that you will have much fun when you look at the pictures and at your look around the shops.