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The outside view of the house; The Rose Garden

The open doll´d house with altogether 4 beautiful rooms

The house entrance of the house

A look in the cosy saloon

A look in the nursery - children´s room

Another view of the outside with a look in the playing room

The nursery; the children´s room with the little onesand the nurse - the nanny

The little Edward is fed right now

Look on the fireplace in the children´s room with some baby utensils

The little Lucy has been fed and sleeps peaceful in her bed

Her big sister Charlotte

Again a beautiful picture for a nice atmosphere out of the children´s room

Edward is an insatiable

Beautiful desk with some fresh grapes and a grape scissors in miniature

Mrs. Horbury invited to a cup of tea

Look on the fireplace in the saloon

Everythin is beautiful and cosy - on the left side a miniature painting with the original Water colour of Monet

Hand emploidered cushions on the settee

Beautiful and cosy armchair and the little dog of the family

The set up coffee table

The dining room furnished with some dark and heavy furniture

Mr. Horbury already sits at the set up table

The beautiful house organ which is played on when there are some holidays

The butler Bricks serves the lunch

The books in the dining room and a beautiful Paravin

The fireplace in the dining doom

For lunch we´re having some caviar and some toast

The kitchen in The Rose Garden

Today there is big washing - Mrs. Jennifer the housekeeper watches over everything

Hilda -a good soul of the house with the washing

Alfred the cook with his preparations for the dinner

Detailed from the kitchen - please note the preserving jar

Urmelchen our cat loves it to wander around the doll´s houses - she does not destroy anything

Street view in the doll´s house museum

A part of the view in the doll´s house museum

The washing and the unwashed washing - in the sink unit is the goose for dinner

The finished dryed washing and the cat of the house

The house entrance from the inside

2 windows with family portraits

Some information about this house:

The doll´s house "The Rose Garden" is a new built doll´s house with many beautiful and interessting details. It presents a late Victorian and english household with its inhabitants. Corresponding to that they´ve got many employees. The costs for the domestic servants of any kind were infinitesimal. For many it was great luck to find a job in such a well-of household then in this way they were sure that they had a place to sleep and something to eat. The poverty in the streets of London was indescribable big. Compared with this you could not imagine the richness of the Upperclass. The Rose Garden shows a typically household of the middle class. The mother hardly took care of the little ones herself. For them a daily nurse and a night nurse took care. In England it went without saying to have a nurse. They called her in a nice way "Nanny". The relationship between the children and the nanny was much stronger as to their mother who was looked at in a distance and with respect. As a rule the father was speaked to with "Sir". The children often saw him once a day to give him a report. But still the live of those families was relatively free from cares and still today they like to idealize their live. This doll´s house gives you a relatively realistic insight into a household out of this time. Please enjoy yourself when you look at the pictures.