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Outside view of the Cottage - perhaps the house No. 22 of the firm G. and J. Lines in England

A look in the doll´s museum in Essex with the Cottage in the front

The chimney sweep is coming! Also an old doll of the collection of Vivian Greene

Mrs. Greene is taking a rest after she had done her housework! A wonderful old doll!

The tea water boils on the old oven

A nice taking up of Mrs. Greene

The kitchen sideboard with crockery and the dog of Mrs. Greene

Mrs. Greene only has one Living kitchen and one bedroom, here you can see the bedroom with all of its old furniture

The old doll´s house furniture for this room I could get completly

Here Mrs. Greene goes to bed in the evening

The bed is plumped up and prepared for the night

The favourite armchair of Mrs. Greene

Some information about this house:

This doll´s house is probably the previous model of the Triang House No. DH/B, the House No. 22 from the firm G & J. Lines in England, to be precise. It is completly preserved and it did not have to be restored, not even in the inside. All of the original wallpaper have been preserved. It only had to be furnished again. With old and suitable doll´s house furniture and utensils. I have dedicated this house to Vivian Greene and I have named their inhabitants the same. It is just "The Cottage of Mrs. Greene". Somebody always comes aroud for a cup of tea. Today it is again the chimney sweep who knocks o the door. Please note the wonderful knocker mase of brass! Perhaps you come again to look for Mrs. Greene. She says thank you for your visit!