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Beautiful view of the outside of the Old Villa

The entrance with a nanny and a pram

Beautiful view of the window with pigeon

The open doll´s house with its 4 rooms and 2 halls

The living room with an old fireplace and 3 old dolls.

Detailed view of the dolls

Please note the delicate and old table lamp

Original sidebboard art nouveau with some decorations - old

The hall on the ground floor with a beautiful Swiss doll and two little dogs.

A big kitchen with many details and three dolls

Detailed view of the kitchen with a nice coffee crockery and old furniture

The oven in the kitchen with a copper armchair; Please note the tiles on the floor

The kitchen buffet with a layer cake and a turkey

Bedroom upstairs on the right side; beautiful and old metal bed with a doll

Detailed view; Girl with a pram and a tiny baby doll

The childbed in detail;at the back an old wicker cradle and a child chair made of metal

The hall on the first floor with a little doll and a upholstered chair

The elegant dining room with Vivian Greene and some valuabel and old furniture

Deatil view of the Vivian Greene doll; Please note, as well, the delicate wine glasses

A little boy with his tiny dog at lunch time in the living room

Some information about this house:

The doll´s house "The old Villa" is an old, english doll´s house from the victorian time, about 1890. Outside it is still complete in the original state. It consists of ground floor and first floor and it has 4 big rooms and 2 middle halls. In the inside I had to restore the doll´s house partly.It is advisable to leave the old houses in their original state and just to restore what is really necessary. In this case the kitchen floor and some of the walls were not acceptable any more. The kitchen floor now has some little tiles. Each of the tiles have been down separate. The living room and bedroom have been covered with old brocade material. The stairs of the hall has got a carpet with golden carpet rods. Especially beautiful are above all the large number of old doll´s house dolls and the many old doll´s house furniture. Most of them are German origins from about the turn of century. You can see many old details. Delicate crockery. Ols doll´s house glass and aas well kitchen appliances etc. Especially beautiful is the old doll´s pram made of metal and the tiny bath doll. A specific feature are the three miniature paintings which are not old but show a dreamlike miniature portrayal of Monets famous pictures. Some parts of the dolls have been restored by me and dressed with old material. Especially interesting is the hostess of the house in the dining room. A doll from Vivian Greene.