My doll´s house museum is located in Essex, England, and it exists for many years. At this time it´s not a public museum. If you ask, visit´s are basically possible at any time. In the next few years bigger premises are made and the museum is going to be accessible for the public. Right now it consists of a big extention with a protection against the light to the old Epping House. This extension accommodates about 50 different doll´s houses of all epochs with the complete equipments.

As well the museum owns 20 old doll´s houses and kitchens. To this collection belongs a range of altogether 150 old dolls, who are later stored in a separate showroom. The main area obvious lies on the doll´s houses but in favour, however, are houses from 1850 to 1940.

Doll´s house. Copperplate engraving: Georg Hieronymus Bestelmeyer
"Pedagogical magazines.....". Nürnberg, 1793 ff.

Some of the new houses in a nostalgic stylistic feature you can find here. I have specialized as the time went on to aquire many still existing doll´s houses and to restore them professional. The got lost inside furnishment I have restored them in detail and it was important to me to do it as authentic as possible and to use extensive only original furniture and single pieces and as well doll´s house dolls out of the respective time.

In the real world it is often very difficult because old or at least suitable wallpapers, furniture and single pieces are not easy to get or they are extremly expensive. But up to this date I have succeeded with much intellectual curiosity and idealism and often during the working at night to breath new life into those houses.

Two girls with a doll´s kitchen.
Coloured Copperlate engraving: 4.part, 18th century.

To this museum belongs a collection of books containg over 200 specialized books and non-fiction books from all over the world and about old doll´s houses. These should be later on in a separate and little room with a reading corner for all of the visitors and most of all for the children accessible.

Generally and it will be a request just to show and explain to the chidren the old doll´s houses, to give them an insight into the world of their great grandmothers and to make it possible for them to see the domestic life of earlier generations in a clear vivid way. Not least because the houses, rooms, dolls are for the joy of every single observer, it does not matter how old or what sex. Nothing is so fascinating as the image of the reality or past in miniature. Many observers of those houses let their thoughts been carried away, as an example: "Now it would be great if I was little to live in this house". Some others spend hours to discover possibly all of the details of the furniture and objects and to look at them. Hardly any people do not find an entrance to this fascinating small world.

Some views from my museum
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If you visit this homepage it enables you with the help of photographs and portrayals, as long as you enjoy yourself, to occupy with all doll´s houses and doll´s rooms and to deepen into this charming world. With this in mind I hope that you will enjoy yourself when you stay in this doll´s house museum.

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Your Katharina Gerstorfer, England.